Sugita Aneurysm Clips

Sugita Aneurysm Clips provide over 100 different patterns to meet the rigors and nuances of aneurysm surgery.

Sugita Aneurysm Clips

Features & Benefits

111 different patterns allow selection of the appropriate clip to meet the needs of the procedure.

Proper blade alignment is ensured with Mizuho’s patented bridge-wire system. This unique design provides proper occlusion by ensuring that the jaw surfaces are precisely aligned down the entire length of the blade.

Optimal closing force is provided by the double-coil spring.

Elgiloy, a cobalt-chrome alloy, provides Sugita clips with excellent elasticity and tissue compatibility.

Sugita Clips have been shown to be acceptable for use with MRI systems, of up to 4.0 Tesla, presently in clinical use.

The jaw profile, consisting of a pyramid-shaped inner surface design, helps to prevent clip slippage and evenly distributes the closing pressure throughout the full length of the jaw.

Streamlined profile reduces material volume and visual obstructions in the operative field.

Organization and storage cases are designed for ease of clip organization, selection, and stocking.

Production lot numbers are engraved on the blade of each clip and printed on the package and enclosed label to ensure proper quality control and tracking.

Blade Holding Force



Holding Force (g)

Mini 100 – 130
Standard 110 – 150
Large 110 – 150
Fenestrated Large 110 – 150
Long 150 – 200
Mini Temporary 60 – 70
Temporary 60 – 70
Deflected 110 – 150


In the final quality assurance stage the holding force of the clip is measured with a computerized electronic pressure gauge at 1/3 point of the blade length from the distal tip. The measured value is shown on the labeling expressed in grams.

Production Lot Numbers are engraved on the blade of each Sugita Aneurysm Clip to ensure proper quality control.

All Sugita clips are packaged nonsterile and should be sterilized prior to use.

The organizational tray allows for proper and efficient clip selection during the surgical procedure.

Each Sugita Aneurysm Clip package includes a tear-off sticker with all pertinent product information.This sticker can be affixed to the patient chart. The same information is provided on the outer clip package for ease of reference.

Sugita Clip Applying Forceps

Length 20 cm for Standard Large Clips length 21.5 cm
07-941-01 straight 07-941-60
07-941-02 15° angled N/A
07-941-03 30° angled 07-941-61
07-941-04 sideward angled N/A

Length 20 cm for Mini Clips length 21.5 cm
07-942-01 straight 07-942-62
07-942-02 30° angled 07-942-63
N/A sideward angled 07-942-64


Length 20 cm For Long Clips (90, 91, 92)
07-948-10 straight Also serves as a remover.


420 Stainless Steel with tip insert of elgiloy(cobalt chrome alloy)

Sugita Clip Applying Forceps (21.5 cm) have1.5 cm longer shafts

The line of Sugita clip appliers and removers was designed to be used exclusively with Sugita clips. Sugita appliers and removers have elgiloy inserts in their jaws, making them compatible with the metallurgic properties of Sugita clips.

Slim Line Applier

Length 20 cm Standard/Large Clips
07-941-51 straight for Standard/Large Clips
07-941-52 15° Up for Standard/Large Clips

Low profile applier allows for optimal visibility in the operative site.

For use with standard and large clips.

Sugita Clip Remover

Unique jaw design facilitates quick disengagementand removal of clip. For use with all Sugita Clips except numbers 90, 91, 92.

Sugita Keyhole Applier – 360° Rotation

Length 20 cm Standard/Large Clips
07-941-10 straight for Standard/Large Clips
07-941-11 15° angled for Standard/Large Clips

Length 20 cm Mini Clips
07-942-10 straight for Mini Clips
07-942-11 15° angle for Mini Clips

The Appliers for Sugita Mini Clips are Blackened at the ring.


420 Stainless Steel with tip insert of elgiloy
(cobalt chrome alloy)

SANO Double Action Clip Applier

07-946-00 for Standard/Large Clips
07-950-12 for Mini Clips (blackened handle)

SANO Multi Angle Clip Applier

Sugita Aneurysm Clip Case


The Sugita Aneurysm Clip Case is a modular system comprised of four individual clip cases, housed in an instrument bin, locked in place with one all-encompassing lid.The clip case allows for storage of up to 120 individual clips as well as 10 appliers(including 2 keyhole appliers). The clips are organized by clip type, allowing for quick access to the necessary pattern. A list of appliers, by type, is laser etched inside the lid for ease of reference. Spring handled appliers are held in place with silicone brackets. Keyhole appliers are stored under the clip cases. Each individual clip case can be used as a stand alone storage and organization container.

Catalog No. Description
07-944-44 Complete Tray (includes 07-944-44T, 07-944-44S,
07-944-44F, 07-944-44D)
07-944-44T Clip case for temp, mini & standard clips
07-944-44S Clip case for standard & large clips
07-944-44F Clip case for fenestrated clips
07-944-44D Clip case for deflected fenestrated & long clips
07-944-43 Full size base with locking lid

Each clip case is laser etched with a detailed, 2-sided drawingof the clip to facilitate selection of the appropriate pattern.Corresponding catalog numbers are etched inside each cavity for ease of restocking clips.

Sugita Clip Diagram

Sugita AVM Microclips

Features & Benefits

Availability of four sizes allows selection of the appropriate clip.

Sugita AVM Clips are made of elgiloy, a cobalt-chrome alloy, for excellent biocompatibility and MR compatibility.

Each clip is placed in a heat resistant silicone sponge and packed in a metal container to prevent damage and facilitate sterilization & handling.

Clips are made to have a holding force within the range of 50 - 70gf.

The AVM Clip Applier is designed to be compatible with all Sugita AVM Clips.