Feather Blades

Feather Blades

Highly specialized micro surgical blades for fine incisions.

These specialized blades, designed for microsurgery, feature a unique systemized handle system for precise surgeon control. Ultra sharp precision tips, designed with original shapes, enhance surgical efficiency and provide superior performance over conventional blades.

Sterilized with Gamma Radiation

The blade is stored in a plastic case protecting the tip,seal packed and then with gama radiation. The blade is therefore available for use immediately after opening of the package.

Possibility of Sterilization by Autoclaving

The plastic case is made of an autoclavable resin which makes it possible to sterilize the blade by autoclaving while in the case.

Blade Handles

The special handle made of a titanium alloy is lightweight and easy to use and has excellent durability.

Characteristics and Effective Method of use of Micro Surgical Blade for Fine Incision