Head Frame Accessories

While preserving high stability, reliability and performance of Mizuho Head Frames, Head Frame Accessories assist with quick and easy adjusting of the skull angle and fixation.
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    Part No. Description Action
    07-157-11  Tapered Self-Retaining Retractor, 5mm, 37cm (Hadeishi version)
    07-157-12  Tapered Self-Retaining Retractor, 6mm, 37cm (Hadeishi version)
    07-174-21  Self-Retaining Retractor, Stainless Steel, 37cm
    07-174-22  Self-Retaining Retractor, Stainless Steel, 42cm
    07-174-23  Self-Retaining Retractor, Stainless Steel, 24cm
    07-174-24  TAPERED SELF-RETAINING RETRACTOR 42cm Without Clamp
    07-174-25  TAPERED SELF-RETAINING RETRACTOR 37cm Without Clamp
    07-174-26  Self-Retaining Retractor, Stainless Steel, 48cm
    07-174-28  SELF-RETAINING RETRACTOR TITANIUM 42cm Without Clamp
    07-174-29  SELF-RETAINING RETRACTOR TITANIUM 37cm Without Clamp
    07-175-00  Retractor Attachment F-1 (C-Clamp)
    07-955-00  Universal Attachment
    07-959-01  Spatula 6 mm Stainless
    07-959-02  Spatula 4 mm Stainless
    07-959-03  Spatula 2 mm Stainless
    07-980-00  Head Frame Case
    07-980-00R  Radiolucent Head Frame Case
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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