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    Part No. Description Action
    07-177-10  Cottle Nasal Speculum, 76x7mm Jaw
    07-177-11  Cottle Nasal Speculum, 90x7mm Jaw
    07-907-04  Papavero Speculum, 65x10mm Jaw
    07-907-05  Papavero Speculum, 70x13mm Jaw
    07-907-06  Papavero Speculum, 80x13mm Jaw
    07-907-07  Papavero Speculum, 90x13mm Jaw
    07-907-09  Papavero Crank Handle
    07-917-04MA  Papavero Speculum, Titanium, 65x13mm Jaw
    07-917-05MA  Papavero Speculum, Titanium, 70x13mm Jaw
    07-917-06MA  Papavero Speculum, Titanium, 80x13mm Jaw
    07-917-07MA  Papavero Speculum, Titanium, 90x13mm Jaw
    07-927-02  Trapezoidal Speculum, 45x12mm Jaw
    07-927-03  Trapezoidal Speculum, 60x13mm Jaw, Down
    07-927-04  Trapezoidal Speculum, 60x13mm Jaw, Up
    07-927-05MA  Trapezoidal Speculum, 70x13mm Jaw, Down
    07-927-06MA  Trapezoidal Speculum, 70x13mm Jaw, Up
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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