Skull Base

Mizuho’s Skull Base Instrumentation Set features ridged instrument tips that won’t flex during dissection with rings on handles that allow easy identification of dissector type.  Designed in collaboration with Dr. Takanori Fukushima, M.D.

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    Part No. Description Action
    07-820-01  DISSECTOR (A-1) 5.0mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-02  DISSECTOR (A-2) 3.5mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-03  DISSECTOR (A-3) 2.4mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-04  DISSECTOR (B-1) 3.5mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-05  DISSECTOR (B-2) 2.7mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-06  DISSECTOR (B-3) 2.2mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-07  DISSECTOR (C-1) 1.8mm Dissector, Sharp, Slight Curve
    07-820-08  DISSECTOR (C-2) 1.8mm Dissector, Sharp, Moderate Curve
    07-820-09  DISSECTOR (C-3) 2.0mm Round Knife 40 DegreesAngle
    07-820-10  DISSECTOR (D-1) 3.0mm Dissector Slight Curve Dull
    07-820-11  DISSECTOR (D-2) 2.2mm Dissector Moderate Curve Dull
    07-820-12  DISSECTOR (D-3) 1.8mm Dissector Moderate Curve Dull
    07-820-13  PROBES 1) 3mm Bayonet Probe Tip, Straight
    07-820-14  PROBES 1-A) 3mm Bayonet Probe Bullet Tip, Straight 10cm working length
    07-820-15  PROBES 2) 3mm Bayonet Probe Tip, 15 Degrees Angle
    07-820-16  PROBES 3) 3mm Bayonet Bullet Tip, 45 Degrees Angle
    07-820-17  PROBES 4) 3mm Bayonet Bullet Tip, 80 Degrees Angle
    07-820-18  PROBES 5) 3mm Bayonet Bullet Tip, Straight Malleable
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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