MST 7300 Series Table Accessories

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    Part No. Description Action
    02-121-10  Radiolucent carbon fiber four point spinal frame
    07-952-00  Table attachment
    07-953-01  Sitting position frame with side rail clamp
    08-007-22-R1  Cervical Spine Frame (R1)
    08-055-70  Mizuho original mattress(7300B/BX)
    08-061-20-UE  Anesthesia screen with wing type (UE)
    08-062-00-R1  Anesthesia screen L type with clamp (R1)
    08-062-00-R2  Anesthesia screen L type with clamp (R2)
    08-066-05-NC  Armboard for prone position
    08-066-10-UE  Raised armboard (UE)
    08-068-04  Shoulder Supports
    08-069-15-UE  Chest & waist support (UE)
    08-069-24-NC  Lateral support (NC)
    08-069-45  Pad for Arm Shield (150mm)
    08-070-54  100cm Carbon Fiber Extension II
    08-070-55  122cm Carbon Fiber Extension II
    08-072-01  Knee rests
    08-073-03  U-shaped head rest, L
    08-073-04  U-shaped head rest, S
    08-075-10  Mayfield adaptor
    08-075-11  Attachment for Mayfield head support
    08-075-15  Adapter for carbon fiber extension
    08-075-29  70 mm Pad for Head extension
    08-075-30-R1  Leg Extension for 5700 Series (R1)
    08-079-00-R1  Wrist strap (240 mm) (R1)
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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