Vessel Managment

Vessel Management

Mizuho sets the standard in vessel management with superior clip designs requested by leading neurosurgeons.

T1 Clips
Modular Clip-Case System

Innovative Aneurysm Management Solutions

  • Leading edge alloys
  • Surgeon-inspired design
  • Proven safe, reliable performance

Easier grip, clip and close performance

  • Streamlined profile with advanced bridge-wire design
  • Reduces aneurysm neck dissection and risk of rupture
  • Improves safety and efficacy

Sugita® T2 Titanium Clip

  • Unprecedented handling and control
  • Clearer line of sight
  • Ultra-slim spring profile – 50% thinner
  • Today’s widest blade opening
  • Exclusive bridge-wire system

Sugita® Clips – Titanium or Elgiloy Patterns

  • 111 MR Safe Elgiloy patterns
  • 85 MR Compatible Titanium-alloy patterns
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T2 Titanium Clips
Elgiloy Clips
AVM Clips

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MRI Safe 4 TeslaIndependent, third-party tests using FDA and ASTM standards have proven Mizuho aneurysm clips to be MRI safe to 4 Tesla.

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