Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Did you press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds?
- Did you check the battery? Make sure the battery is fully charged. Or, in working condition.
- Did you use the correct AC adapter? Please be sure to use the manufacture AC Adapter.
- Submit for an RGA? (Link to RGA form. Submitted to CS email). 
Do you have known good probe to test with the Transceiver? The issue could also be the Transceiver not the probe.
- Did you hold the probe the correct way? Please referent to IFU for more information
Does your clip a Sugita clip? If not, please contact the correct vendor.
- Please contact Customer Service via customerservice@mizuho.com. Or, 888-699-2547. Please be sure to include item number, item description, clip’s serial number, made year.
- Mizuho standard warranty is one year from the date of purchase.
- Contact Customer Service. Please have the following information ready when you contact us
item number, item description, and serial number or lot number? 
Yes, you can send the item in for an evaluation to determine what repair is needed and/or if items need to be replaced.
- Yes, the hand pendant for 7300B/BX tables can be used wirelessly by pointing the hand pendant control to the sensors on the base of the table.
Yes, you can control the table with the touch screen or the auxiliary switches located on the base of the table.
o Link to RGA request form (form is attached)
- Return?
o Link to RGA request form (form is attached)
Send an email to customerservice@mizuho.com with the items you want to be quoted and the ship to address of the hospital.

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