Radiolucent Head Frame

The Radiolucent Head Frame was design for better operability and accessibility. 360 Degree Rotatable feature for the Head Frame, along with Head Arm Base, Up Grade Kit for Intraoperative CT minimizes the interference with the intraoperative CR gantry by removing the head arm during patient screening.

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    Part No. Description Action
    07-952-01  Head Arm Base
    07-952-07  Head Arm Base, Pin dia. 19mm
    07-952-08  Head Arm Base, Pin dia, 16mm
    07-970-51  Navigation Adaptor, MRI/CT
    07-980-00R  Radiolucent Head Frame Case
    07-985-07  Head Pin, Radiolucent
    07-985-15  Titanium Spring Hook with 24 Elastic Bands
    07-986-03  Radiolucent Head Frame Upgrade Kit
    07-986-04  Radiolucent Rotatable Head Holder
    07-986-05  Radiolucent Basal Frame
    07-986-06  Radiolucent Slide Adjuster
    07-986-07  Head Pin, (Radiolucent, Carbon 2)
    07-986-50  Head Arm Base, Upgrade Kit for Intraoperative CT
    07-986-60  Radiolucent Head Frame Basic Set
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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