Smart Fix Head Holder

The Smart Fix Head Holder comes equipped with all the features of the original Sugita Head Frame System, only enhanced to save time pre- and post-surgical procedure.
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    Part No. Description Action
    07-951-00MM  Head Holder without Head Pins
    07-951-01MM  Head Pin, Standard, SUS
    07-951-02MM  Head Pin, Short Tip, for Adult, SUS
    07-951-03MM  Head Pin, Short Tip, for Pediatric, SUS
    07-951-11  Smart Fix C Holder
    07-951-12  Smart Fix Box Joint (including 2 fixing screws)
    07-951-15  Smart Fix Stopper Sleeve
    07-951-33  Smart Fix Head Pin, Standard
    07-951-34  Smart Fix Head Pin, Long
    07-952-05  Table Attachment for 2080
    07-952-06  Table Attachment for 3080
    07-952-06A  Table attachment for 3080, Outside
    07-954-00MM  Spring Scalp Hook Retractors
    07-955-01  Slide Adjuster for Retractor
    07-970-50  Navigation Adaptor, Stainless Steel
    07-980-00  Head Frame Case
    07-981-02  Basal Frame/Semi-Circular Frame
    07-981-03  Hand Rest
    07-981-04  Adjustable Hand Rest with Dome Screw
    07-981-06  Instrument Receptacle
    07-981-07  Cotton Plate
    07-981-09  Adjustable Hand Rest with Slide
    07-981-10  Semi-Circular Quarter Frame
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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