The Kelly Endonasal Instrumentation Set is designed to support surgical needs for microscopic approaches with endoscopic assistance.  Created to be a comprehensive set -able to accommodate a surgeon’s needs from opening to operating and closing.  Designed in collaboration with Dr. Daniel F. Kelly, MD.

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    Part No. Description Action
    01-413-10  Mallet, 18cm
    02-034-10  Spear-Like Dissector, Left Curve, Bayonet, 12.5cm WL
    02-034-11  Spear-Like Dissector, Right Curve, Bayonet, 12.5cm WL
    02-034-12  Spatula Dissector, 2.4mm, Curved Up , Bayonet, 12.5cm WL
    02-034-13  Spatula Dissector, 2.4mm, Curved Down , Bayonet, 12.5cm WL
    02-082-09  Decker Rongeur, Oval 2x6mm, 15cm WL
    02-082-20  Decker Rongeur, Round 2mm, 45 Degrees Up, 14cm WL
    02-082-21  Decker Rongeur, Round 2mm, 14cm WL
    02-082-22  Decker Rongeur, Oval 2x5mm, 45 Degrees Up, 14cm WL
    02-082-23  Decker Rongeur, Oval 2x5mm, 14.5cm WL
    02-201-01  Kerrison Rongeur, upward, 40 degree, 180 mm(L)x1mm(W)
    02-201-02  Kerrison Rongeur, upward, 40 degree, 180 mm(L)x2mm(W)
    02-201-03  Kerrison Rongeur, upward, 40 degree, 180 mm(L)x3mm(W)
    02-202-07  Cushing Rongeur, Oval 2x10mm, 16cm WL
    02-202-08  Love-Gruenwald Rongeur, Oval 3x10mm, 16cm WL
    02-202-09  Spurling Rongeur, Oval 4x10mm, 16cm WL
    06-674-00  Hemostat, 15cm
    06-826-00  Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 16cm
    07-057-10  Weitlaner Retractor, 13cm
    07-110-10  Yasargil Forceps, Bayonet, 11.5cm WL
    07-120-10  #3 Scalpel Handle
    07-134-10  Endoscopic Microscissors, Straight Jaw, Pistol-Grip, 14cm WL
    07-134-11  Endoscopic Microscissors, Curved Right Jaw, Pistol-Grip, 14cm WL
    07-134-12  Endoscopic Microscissors, Curved Left Jaw, Pistol-Grip, 14cm WL
    07-134-13  Endoscopic Microscissors, Curved Up Jaw, Pistol-Grip, 14cm WL
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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