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    Part No. Description Action
    07-941-01  Standard/Large Applier Straight 20cm
    07-941-02  Standard/Large Applier 15° Angled 20cm
    07-941-03  Standard/Large Applier 30° Angled 20cm
    07-941-04  Standard/Large Applier Side Angled 20cm
    07-941-10  Standard/Large Keyhole Applier Straight 20cm
    07-941-11  Standard/Large Keyhole Applier 15° Angled 20cm
    07-941-52  Sugita Clip Applier, Slim Type, 15°UP for Standard / Large Clips
    07-941-60  Standard/Large Applier Straight 21.5cm
    07-942-01  Mini Applier Straight 20cm
    07-942-02  Mini Applier 30° Angled 20cm
    07-942-10  Mini Keyhole Applier Straight 20cm
    07-942-11  Mini Keyhole Applier 15° Angled 20cm
    07-946-00  Standard/Large Sano Double Action Applier
    07-947-00  Standard/Large Sano All-Angle Applier
    07-948-10  Sugita Clip Applier, Straight for Long Clips
    07-950-12  Mini Sano Double Action Applier
    07-950-13  Mini Sano All-Angle Applier
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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