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    Part No. Description Action
    07-936-60 Case A for Appliers
    07-936-61 Case B for Mini, Standard and Temporary Clips
    07-936-62 Case C for Large Clips
    07-936-63 Case D for Fenestrated Large Clips
    07-936-64 Case E for Deflected Fenestrated, Large, Long and Booster Clips
    07-944-21A Clip Applier Neurogical Tray (holds 12 appliers)
    07-944-44 Sugita Aneurysm Complete Clip Case
    07-944-44D Deflected Fenestrated & Long Clip Case
    07-944-44F Fenestrated Clip Case
    07-944-44S Standard & Large Clip Case
    07-944-44T Temp. Mini & Standard Clip Case
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    (Total Part Numbers : )

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